You Know You’re A Whisky Geek when..

November 9, 2012 § 20 Comments

This morning, after hanging with 2 incredibly beautiful and also incredibly “geeky” whisky women, I started laughing to myself as I thought about our conversations last night.  I can only imagine what non-whisky people may have thought if they had overheard the three of us rattling on with exuberance about every aspect of whisky production.  Realizing that some may think we’re a bit ‘strange’ but knowing that we are certainly not alone, I write this post for YOU.  My fellow “whisky geeks”

You know you’re a “Whisky Geek” when…

10) All of your tweets end with #whisky AND #whiskey

9) You’ve taken tasting notes again when at a busy, packed bar because you MUST remember what you’re experiencing! (insert eye-roll from spouses & friends everywhere)

8) You know from memory what type of oak all of your favorite whiskies have been in and for how long

7) You know what type of flavors specific varietals of oak attribute to whisky

6) You probably spend the first 5 -10 minutes just nosing your glass before even taking your first sip

5) You consider being called a “whisky geek” a very high compliment

4) You can pantomime with ease the different shapes of stills with your hands

3) You can drink a whisky blindly and guess correctly its age within a year or two up or down

2) You’re heart starts racing with excitement at the thought of talking “yeast strains”

1) You actually use this phrase to describe a whisky: “the ester profile is…”

Come on, I know you have some you want to add … 😉  Share below!

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§ 20 Responses to You Know You’re A Whisky Geek when..

  • Terry Lozoff says:

    yep, all very true 🙂 11) Every new limited edition whisk(e)y release immediately begins an internal justification process that typically nets out in, “Well, maybe just one more.”

  • Kent Weitkamp says:

    You seek out a good back-light source at the bar so you can assess the color or what you are about to imbibe

  • Chip Tate says:

    does that mean I’m a whisky geek? guilty! nice post–Chip

  • Whiskylassie says:

    You know you are a whisky geek when you know the exact prices of whiskies at the local liquor store (to the penny…)

  • Josh Feldman says:

    You get very excited about any release which has a mash bill or cask type you’ve never tried before… as in “You mean Mackmyra has a whisky finished in CLOUDBERRY wine cask? Where can I get some?” Or “Brenne is made with two different barley strains and aged in Limousin Oak? Wow – I’ve got to have some of that!” I go nuts for new mash bills and barrel woods.

    Chip – you are perhaps the biggest whisky geek of them all! You have spent years CREATING whiskies with new mash bills and barrel types for geeks like me to freak out about. 100% blue corn mash bill? Check Baby Blue, True Blue, Brimstone – the latter smoked to high heaven with scrub oak. Totally new ingredients. Age Texas Malt in Quercus Robur – a weird European oak no one uses for whisky? Check. Bespoke Live Oak casks? Check. You are so deeply into geek territory you dog probably drinks from a glencairn.

    • Hahahaha, “You are so deeply into geek territory your dog probably drinks from a glencairn” !?!!!?!!? Josh, that’s the FUNNIEST line ever. Omg. And I think Chip’s dog do! 😉 Too funny. Thanks for your thoughts!

  • You plan vacations entirely around whisky! Liquor store stops, duty free, distilleries, spirits festivals, and then have to buy additional luggage to carry the spoils of you bottle shop plundering!

  • Susannah SB says:

    Guilty as charged! Especially with the tasting notes. I’m such a geek I write down second, third, fourth tasting notes for whiskies just to compare what differences I experienced each time.

  • G-LO says:

    Yo WW!

    Love this post and all of the comments! I’m not quite a full fledged whisk(e)y geek, but I certainly am trying. Graham’s comment is particularly relevant. Whenever we travel, I try to find all the spots to buy or try whisky (whenever the wife and children will allow me to indulge of course). That’s why visits to NYC are particularly enticing. A plethora of whisk(e)y bars AND whisk(e)y purchasing opportunities in your city! One day I’ll get to visit a real distillery.


  • dfmw says:

    Reblogged this on the Pub servation and commented:
    geeky goodness

  • whiskycuse says:

    Hello Allison,

    this is Marcus from Germany (who trys his best to write understandable english words). No. 6 could have been written by myself, because I always steep my nose in the glas for at least 15 minutes, before taking the first sip. My Maltmates regularly start getting nervous, wondering whether I defer drinking the Malt to another day….

    Wow, writing these few sentences took me nearly half an hour, and a lot of help from…
    Please give me a hint, if it is necessary to contact my former englishteacher…(I hope your german is not too bad, because there is no english-version of my blog, yet….)


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