Life is full of little surprises

December 4, 2012 § 11 Comments

I don’t know about you but I sometimes find my days so nuts that if I don’t zero in and take it one detailed piece at a time than I think I would look at the whole day, become so overwhelmed I’d throw up my hands and fold.  Perhaps crawling into whichever hole was closest (which, this being NYC, would probably be a subway station …).

As an aside, please accept my apologies now for any and all unanswered emails, tweets, comments, posts, etc.  I THANK YOU for staying with me despite my slight disappearing act from this blog.

But you don’t come here to hear me lament about how ‘busy’ I am – we are ALL busy.  Especially this month.  And in the whirlwind that is my life – I often step back and think about my fellow bloggers & whisky enthusiasts in awe.  How do you all do it!?  How do you continually publish quality, well written and well researched posts that are both educational and entertaining on a regular basis!?

Salvador Dali's 'The Persistence of Memory' while art historians can debate it's meaning, to me, I often think about this when

Salvador Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’ – while art historians can debate it’s many meaning, to me, I often think about this piece when I feel like time is slipping away, melting into the calmness deep within the chaos of daily life

When I started this blog, I set a goal for myself of posting one article a week and I think I did a pretty good job of keeping to that until October 1 of this year when I launched my own whisky.  And then as soon as the 1st month of Brenne’s introduction in the market was coming to a close, we got hit badly by hurricane Sandy.  And then as soon as we dusted ourselves off, flicked the light switch on (& actually got light!) and hit the ground running, we ran into Thanksgiving and kicked off the always-busy holiday season.

So there I am; blinders on, bulldozing through the minutes, hours, days and weeks with time whizzing by faster than ever that I found myself Sunday evening happily standing behind a table pouring Brenne (Estate Cask, barrel #261) at the amazing whisky event Robin Robinson put together to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims.


Standing there talking to one wonderful whisky lover after another, I spotted the ever familiar white Corsair logo against a black T-shirt peaking through the crowd coming my way.  My eyes quickly glanced up from the T-shirt to the wearer of said tee and realized that it was Darek Bell (co-founder & distiller of Corsair Artisan Distillery).  Darek and I have crossed paths at many events and I could definitely pick him out of a line up (watch out, Darek!) but we had never before had the opportunity to spend more than a minute conversing until then.

It didn’t take us long at all to jump right into full whisky geek talk (and I love being in the company of true geeky distillers like Derek, there is so much for me to learn and as soon as he started asking me questions about our still configuration – I felt like it was my birthday!)  And then he said it, those words you hope you never hear but, whenever you truly expose yourself – like an artist at his debut or an author publishing her book – you have to be ready for: “Allison, I do, however, have one complaint. ”  Eek!  Sound the alarm! Brace yourself! Wait. No. Calm yourself.  Listen & learn.  Ok, you can do this. …. “Oh yea?  What’s that Darek?”  “Ever since you launched Brenne, you’ve kinda ignored your blog.”

George Costanza

Huh?  That’s the complaint?  You A) read it  B) noticed my fewer post publications and C) cared enough to mention it?  I’m FLATTERED!  I feel the redness leave my face (in the anticipation of a different kind of complaint) and I smile broadly … and somewhat quizzically.   Reading my expression, Darek then said, “Yes Allison, people do read your blog and frankly, I like your take on things.”

As I drifted off to sleep the night before last, I was thinking about my backlog of whisky posts.  The events that I have been wanting to share with you, the unique whiskies I’ve been buying up as I travel from one whisky store to another hand selling Brenne, the people I have met and the amazing whiskey-based cocktail creations I have experienced.  And how I have been getting to the end of my Sunday evenings thinking, “Oh crap, I missed another week … now my post will be too dated.”  But last night as I thought about this, I also remembered one of my favorite aspects of whisky; it’s a true art of time.  My whisky that is aging in barrels is constantly reminding me that no matter how hard I work or how quickly I move from one thing to the next, the whisky everyone around the world is distilling today still won’t be ready any faster.  We all still have to wait years, a decade or even longer until we can pour into our glasses what is being now being distilled through copper vessels.  With that in mind, I was thinking how I love that whisky takes so long to age and then stops abruptly as soon as it enters a bottle, almost as if that glass frame is the spirit’s own time-capsule.  Perhaps then too, these posts that I have been worried about being just a bit too old will, like our whiskies, get a little better with age and then once they launch themselves into a published post only then do they stop changing, or rather ‘aging’.  Perhaps that is a little too philosophical for some of you but I’m sticking to it. 🙂

And until I dust off those recent memories and commit them here, I leave you with this; THANK YOU.  Thank you Darek for giving me a bit of a kick in the you-know-what to log back in and continue the conversation.  Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me and continue subscribing even as my posts have become less regular.  And the biggest Thank You to all of you who have not only stayed with me but picked up my slack!  Your comments, emails, tweets, re-blogs, and perhaps most importantly, your own personal blog posts mentioning me and/or Brenne have simply made me speechless (… almost 😉 ).  I can’t thank you all enough.  It’s super fun to get to know you and talk about one of our favorite topics together!!!


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§ 11 Responses to Life is full of little surprises

  • reefdband says:

    You just got one more follower! (well, a few since we’re a band :)) Check us out!

  • G-LO says:

    Great post! Do I now say “Welcome Back!”?

    Seriously though. I can’t fault you for falling behind. Between a bit of travel and real life stuff, I haven’t been able to keep up with the posts. I’ve also had a bit of writer’s block, so things like event recaps have seriously fallen behind and probably won’t ever get done.

    As far as your backlog goes, you are bringing a new product to market in the city that never sleeps. That’s a 24/7 job and you are doing it fabulously! Keep up the great work. 🙂


    • Thanks G-LO … you’re always so kind! It’s so easy to get sucked into the whirlwind of life but I do think it’s important to stop and take a moment to reflect on it all. Sometimes blogging becomes a part of the craze but for the most part, I love it because it forces me to put the breaks on. You do such a great job on your site – I didn’t notice your writers block but I’m sure one or two good drams of anything in your liquor cabinet will help get the creative juices flowing again!

      Looking forward to reading more from you guys,

      • G-LO says:

        Totally with you! The blogosphere is my fortress of solitude, but without the solitude part cause all of you wonderful people are out there.

        I was JUST telling my wife (I literally JUST hung up the phone) about last night’s experience nosing the Hakushu 12 (for an upcoming review). My exact words were, “It’s cheaper (and so much more interesting) than therapy!”.

        I sit there at my computer. Fiddle with the photo as I let the whisky open up. Sniff. Put it down. Sniff. Put it down. Think Think Think! Then keep doing that until I’ve pulled out all that my average nosing skills can manage. And THEN I start tasting it. Some would call it nonsense (someone else would call it douchey), but like minded people such as ourselves understand why we do this. It’s just fun damn it! As you said in a previous post, it’s wonderful to get lost in the dram. 🙂


  • Josh Feldman says:

    I haven’t been able to post since Sandy either. I’m still digging out. I’m sorry (deeply) that I missed the Sandy benefit auction. Based on Greenie’s pics it was the event of the season! But by all means, please do it – even if not in a timely fashion. For goodness sake you only run an import/export company, develop a new whisky brand, import that, and work as a brand ambassador for your own brand and also Chip’s. It’s not like you’re busy or anything! 😉 I appreciate you take and devour all your posts. So please keep ’em coming!

    • Thanks Josh. I’m sorry you’re still recovering from Sandy… what a mess.

      You were definitely missed at the benefit; it was filled with the almost the entire NYC whisky family. Don’t worry though … WhiskyLive NYC is in April which will be here faster than we can imagine!

      Looking forward to reading more from you whenever you’re ready and able to start posting again. Thanks for sticking with me too!

      • G-LO says:

        Ahhhh! You said the magic words: WhiskyLive NYC! It’s on my radar and hopefully work and family won’t conspire against me AGAIN (is the occasional whisky event THAT much to ask???). I’ve already mentioned it to Limpd, and assuming his schedule is clear, I know he’s game as well. I look forward to HOPEFULLY! FINALLY! meeting you both! Fingers, toes, and anything else you can think of crossed. 🙂


  • Susannah SB says:

    No shame in being busy, especially as you’ve gotten so much face time with friends and fans in the last two months. We’re glad you’re back to blogging, though! And don’t be afraid to post things after-the-fact. If they’re still lingering in your memory, they’re worth sharing.

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