Trying to Restart

September 15, 2016 § 26 Comments

I am shaking my head as I type this … where do I begin? It’s IMPOSSIBLE to share what has been going on in my world with a single post – so I am going to begin with a “restart”. I’ve had months of “publish block” — unable to hit “publish” on posts I have taken hours to write. Why? Because of fear. SOOOO appropriate considering the last post I DID publish was on how to PUSH THROUGH fear! Ugh.

So on the 8hr+ flight home to NYC from Paris yesterday, I asked myself: what are you ACTUALLY afraid of with regards to this blog? Not being perfect? (kinda, but not really). And then I realized: I just can’t talk exclusively about “whisky” … my life is so much bigger than that one topic, and since whisky IS my life, they are interwoven so tightly that I do not know how to separate them. For me to write authentically, I simply can’t just share about whisky.

“SO F*** IT” I told myself, “The Whisky Woman” doesn’t have to mean anything beyond my “nickname” so to speak. I can just share the happenings of my life because what is happening is so wild I feel like some days I am living inside a really incredible movie.

In fact, when things have become nearly paralyzingly tough this year, the catch phrase that my friends have started saying is, “Well, it’ll be GREAT for the book!” And to repeat, since my life’s work IS whisky, our favorite topic will always be invariably involved in the subjects.

In January I had a sense that this year was going to be “big” … how big I did not know. But at least I was right about that. One of the awesome things that happened was that I have been blessed to welcome Katie Schloss to my team – an incredibly savvy woman with an eye for design, a brain for social media that intimidates me in the best possible ways, and a heart as big as Manhattan. Katie has taken Brenne’s Instagram from my “of the moment/on the fly” posts to a page that actually helps tell our story and inspire people (myself included!).

My last email before boarding my flight was to Katie. In it, I shared how I wanted to recommit myself to my blog and really start sharing again. That I am going to do my best to move through my fears and actually DO IT. To that, she responded with this:

“Erin Fetherston had a collection of dresses titled “Urban Flowers” when I was a freshman in college.  “Urban Flowers,” to her, are the tiny, little weeds and flowers that look dainty, but who are able to work their way through the elements, through the concrete, and grow through the surface into the light.  Being one of the only women to own her own whisky company (period, end stop), going through everything you’ve overcome this year, you have a beating-the-odds story of resilience that resonates; it just needs to be told, and it’s been an honor helping shape your story and watching your brand come to life on social platforms. :)”


Photo credit: Emmanuel Huybrechts from Laval, Canada

So with this, I am hoping I follow my own lead and truly “restart” my engagement here. No matter what happens, I am so incredibly grateful and blessed that you all are still here, still supporting me, still behind my goals of being a successful entrepreneur igniting the conversations of “French Whisky” and “terroir-driven Single Malts” around the world.

With a lot of love and a dram raised way up, THANK YOU. xo – Allison



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§ 26 Responses to Trying to Restart

  • maurageils says:

    This is an Excellent restart blog Allison.

    You can and will Push thru the fear. You have it all. Rise up and continue being the fabulous whisky woman you are and so much more!

    You deserve every accolade. I’m happy to be a witness to your success.


    __________________ Maura Geils The Geils Team Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker Member of the Multi Million Dollar Club Corcoran Group 49 East 10th Street New York, NY 10003 212-539-4993 office 212-415-6108 fax 646-533-5999 cell To view my listings click here “May we all bring Peace into our corner of the world by bringing a little more compassion into each interaction” ~Ramanada [cid:image001.gif@01D158F0.3B5422A0]Certified Negotiation Expert

    • Thanks Maura! I love those words “Rise Up” … Andra Day’s song by that title has been an anthem of mine this past year. Thanks for the hugs, high fives, and cheers of encouragement. Big hugs!

  • WOW and well said. This gives all die hard whisky enthusiasts pause to reflect. Thank you.

  • Ari says:

    I know I am a small cog in the giant machine in your world, but I love that you allow us small cogs (they do make the machine run) into it, and especially love the warmth and love that you have shown on this incredible journey. Keep the faith and à votre santé.

    • Oh Ari, you are a very important “cog” — without you and others like you, I would not be in business! Everyone is important and everyone is special, every single person. Thanks for being you, and for supporting me from the beginning!

  • aaron197172 says:

    Half the battle is getting out of bed in the morning. The other half is healing from the pain of rolling over your IBM Selectric typewriter all night. They make for bad pillows. Just hit RETURN and keep moving on until you have to change the ribbon. Welcome back, Allison!

  • Love that you are back and posting again. You are a true inspiration to all of us. Thank you, Allison.

  • cpsikora says:

    Beautiful post! I can relate to the blog thing big time! I started out wanting to do one a month and that just totally went nowhere this year! So just write them when you can and we will love them! And you! Love the Urban Flower motif! May have to use that myself! XO

    • YES! That is so me … goal: 1 x month, reality: 1-2 x year. 😛 LOL. Thanks for understanding and for the encouragement. Use that Urban Flower metaphor whenever you like! It’s a great one!

  • staceysnacks says:

    Life just can’t be about one thing. We all have issues, problems, defeats and great accomplishments to share with our friends and the world if you choose to do so.
    Your blog is your personal forum to share whatever you like! It’s always great to start fresh and reinvent yourself !!
    🙂 I look forward to reading about all your endeavors


  • Welcome back, I look forward reading about what ever you feel like telling us of!!


  • Bob Caron says:

    I follow your other social media, so it’s not like you’ve gone missing. I don’t think I could keep up a schedule like you have. If you find extra time to leave a post here every now and then – BONUS! It’s been fun following your journey.

    • Awww YAY! That makes me feel good, Bob.
      Thank you! I try to stay really active/present on IG, FB & when I can, also twitter, so that I can still be in touch with everyone. Thanks for confirming that is working! 😀

      I am really going to try to put out more blog content — I mean, I HAVE stories racked up to share! 😀
      Thanks for sticking with me since the beginning Bob,

  • martymankins says:

    As a long time fan of your whiskey, I am in awe of how much you have put into your business and your passions for getting it out there (wish it were closer to me, but I look forward to enjoying a long pour of Brenne when I travel). With the blog thing, I have 4 that go long periods of inactivity (one more than 3 years now). So I get the longing to post again.

    I am happy to you see you back here and look forward to other posts.

    Marty (also known as Adult Beverages on Twitter)

    • Hi Marty / aka: @AdultBeverages!,
      Thank you for understanding the longing to post but also admitting that sometimes it takes a long while to get in and actually DO it. It’s such a weird “human thing” to me to see that I am NOT doing something I LOVE doing, blocking myself with fears of “fill in the blank” … I see this play out in so many ways in life. But I think getting present to it and owning up to it/taking accountability is where it’s at!

      Remind me where you live (in regards to my helping see if Brenne is/can be nearby!)? THANK YOU for your Brenne love and the kind words you wrote about my passion and drive. I honestly feel blessed to have created this chance at really fulfilling a dream in this life. That right there is what gets me up and going each day. No complaints!

      Cheers Marty,

      • martymankins says:

        Appreciate the reply, Allison.

        I live in Salt Lake City, so certain types of liquor and alcohol are not always available here. I visit Vegas often and will be heading to Orange County (Irvine) this weekend and then to Virginia in less than 2 weeks. So will try to find Brenne in my travels, if not by bottle, at least by pours at a bar.

        I really want to try Brenne 10 and hope one of the many bars I plan to visit over the next 3 weeks will have it. I will check the web site for locations.

  • Welcome back to blogging – with any facet you chose to share. 🙂

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