Celebrate World Whiskies

March 27, 2015 § 19 Comments

Felt compelled to write this quick post as I’ve just returned from launching Brenne in France (yay!), the always-lovely Ian Chang, master distiller of the Taiwanese company Kavalan, just won Icons of Whisky Global “Master Distiller of the Year” (Congrats Ian!), we ourselves have won a few awards for Brenne recently (a Drammie for Most Innovative Whisky and 2 gold medals from Wizards of Whisky for our up-coming Brenne Ten!) AND it’s International Whisky Day.

Point being: World Whiskies are here to stay.


The International Whisky category does not only account for the Japanese whiskies. There are a lot of amazing and note-worthy distilleries from unexpected corners of the earth making phenomenal whiskies.  Just look at our friends over at Mackmyra, Amrut & Sullivan’s Cover (to name a few)!

So if you’re contemplating hosting a whisky tasting anytime soon, informally or formally, maybe think about taking a “Single Malt Tour” around the world, trying one from France, Sweden, Japan, Tasmania, Taiwan, Indian … could be a fun way to travel in the comfort of your own home!


A little sampling of what I’ll be digging into this weekend!

There is certainly no shortage of passion within our whisky community and it’s really exciting to experience that expanding in every aspect from what’s actually in our glasses to the conversations we’re having on social media, at the bar and beyond. I’m honored to be part of an ever-growing category and one where I think we may find a lots of innovation now and in the years to come.

So HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WHISKY DAY to you all – I’ll raise a glass of Brenne to you all this weekend!

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Me in Paris with a bottle from the first batch of Brenne made for France!


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§ 19 Responses to Celebrate World Whiskies

  • SO excited about the launch of Brenne in Paris!! Congratulations!! Lucky Parisians!!!

  • G-LO says:

    Yes yes yes! It ain’t just Bourbon and Single Malt out there! Cheers and Happy WWD!

  • aaron197172 says:

    It’s really a small world after all (cue the music). The shear vastness of products from all over the planet that is just a click or two away is a testament to how small it really has become. I completely agree that we should all welcome this accessibility with open arms and glasses ready to be filled with spirits from all over the globe (candy too). Tear down these walls, Ms. Patel! It’s World Whisky Day! Go kiss a bottle of Brenne.

    • Thanks Aaron! I love how small this world it – and thanks to people like you, there’s a TON of joy in it!

      Brenne has been kissed! Thanks for the support!
      Cheers – Allison

  • Bram Hoogendijk says:

    It’s a small World indeed, fortunately there are a lot of great whiskies of which BRENNE is one. Looking forward to tasting the 10 YO and wondering when BRENNE will be sold 400 km north of Paris!

  • Within the space of a month I kicked-off checking out 4 amazing whiskies from Japan, re-sampled Sullivans Cove, Kavalan’s Concertmaster and from India – 3 expressions from Amrut and 5 from Paul John! Quite something!

  • H says:

    Hi! Will Brenne be available online I’m France? If so, will they ship to the UK?

  • Yay to celebrating world whiskies! Says the Tasmanian… Seriously though, you are completely right: there are some very interesting and curious drops out there. I’ll have to track down some more!
    Congrats on the French launch!
    Keep on waffling,

  • Rachel W. says:

    I took a mini bottle of Eddu (Breton whisky made with buckwheat) home to the US for my brother-in-law and was quite worried he wouldn’t appreciate it as he can be quite snobbish about his drinks (takes great pride in being a Laphroaig man and believes beer that isn’t opaque serves no purpose). But I knew it would at least be a unique experience for him.

    I was pleasantly surprised when he had my sister had over the phone the other day so he could tell me how much he enjoyed it. I definitely agree that international whiskies are here to stay and hope you have great success with Brenne. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it here in Nantes.

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