Poll: more personal or traditional posts for 2013?

January 24, 2013 § 11 Comments

If you follow my blog with any type of regularity, you’ll know my life completely changed on October 1st when I launched my own whisky company (Brenne).  In that, the vast array of whisky things I was previously experiencing became quickly & narrowly focused onto my own brand.  I am an equal opportunist whisky geek so my love for other brands has not changed – but rather morning to, well, morning, I’m now wearing all of the hats that come with being a one-woman-whisky-show, or in layman terms, an entrepreneur.

While the variety of whisky events I’m attending has diminished, the number of whiskey-related activities, stories, and insights into this industry has increased insurmountably.  My most recent posts (here and here) were much more personal than a typical post for me.  Sharing instead my thoughts, feelings and anecdotal moments as I continue along this journey.

While I don’t want this blog to become strictly about Brenne – I do find myself in a unique position where I now straddle 2 different whisky worlds: a blogger & a producer.  I’m thinking I would post more frequently if I shared more stories and glimpses into my nutty life but haven’t before because I don’t want to bore or annoy you (another Brenne story!? oy) 😉 But if my stories can entertain, then that’s what it’s all about, right?!

So I thought I’d throw this back to you – would you like to read more posts that are more personal accounts of this journey I’m taking with Brenne?  Or keep it less narrative like years past?

Thanks! And may the dram be with you.


§ 11 Responses to Poll: more personal or traditional posts for 2013?

  • Mike Thomas says:

    Do both. Start a second blog post updates every other month.

  • Josh Feldman says:

    I can see how this is going. We want your narrative, Allison. We want your voice – and your story. Your unique experience is tremendously valuable to me, personally. I’m fascinated because part of me has the same dreams too. I want to hear all about it. I can get regular tasting notes all over the place (and do). (But don’t spare me your tasting notes either). But PLEASE don’t limit yourself to conventional tasting notes type whisky blogging. There are so many people doing that so very well already: Serge, Gal, Oliver, Ruben etc… But people who can blog about launching a whisky brand… repping other brands… doing import/export and flying the light fantastic on the NYC whisky scene. Well… there’s only one. And she’s all the more special for that.

  • G-LO says:

    Gotta agree with Josh here. A true insider’s experience is what we crave. I want to know about the challenges that come with working in the industry as well as the rewards. No detail is too great since I imagine that what you do on a daily is both incredibly frustrating at times (government redtape, waiting for shipments, making sure deliveries are made, shelf placement in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores, etc.) while also being incredibly rewarding (seeing your product on the shelves, hearing people talk about your product, hosting tastings around NYC, etc.). In a word: spill! 😀

  • Susannah SB says:

    I agree with Josh and G-Lo. Your journey with Brenne is endlessly fascinating! And while I definitely value your insights into other whiskies and the like, it’s you, Allison, who make this blog readable and interesting and fun. More, please!

  • Wow – I’m totally blown away & (sheepishly) had not realized this (or else I should/would have done this poll much earlier!!!) 😛 I’m so deeply thankful for everyone’s support & encouragement (here, on twitter & facebook – you all rock!).

    Josh, G-LO & Susannah, as regular ‘commenters’ here I can’t tell you how much your kind words, honesty, support & understanding mean to me. Thank you.

    I guess my blog path is clear! You’ll [hopefully] be hearing much more from me, recapping these experiences is truly my favorite thing to do late at night once the inbox quiets down and the phone gets switched to vibrate.

    Tonight, I go to sleep w/a huge smile on my face. Thank you all!

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