ABS = Always Be Selling

January 9, 2013 § 7 Comments

ABS. Always. Be. Selling.  You’re probably more familiar with “ABC” (Always Be Closing) which works great in both the business & dating scenes but I like to believe the original version to be “ABP” as in “Always Be Pimping.”  And if any of you have had the pleasure of spending even a second of time with Compass Box Whisky’s phenomenal US Ambassador, Robin Robinson (@CompassBoxRobin on twitter) you may have heard him utter this phrase once or twice.

For sales people like us, it’s hysterical, and true. Always Be Pimping Your Brand.  And for someone like me who oozes with excitement at the smallest opportunity to share my passion (Brenne, duh!) with anyone, “always” has a truly literal meaning.

The other day I had a very minor procedure which required me to be temporarily put to sleep.  If anyone has had anesthesia before, you may agree that it’s a bit of a mind game.  One minute you hear the anesthesiologist saying, “Ok, you’re going to start to feel the effects of the medicine….” to then waking up (minutes? hours?) later in a room you’ve probably never seen before with people dashing by your bed and most certainly the unpleasant sound of someone moaning in the background.  But while you try to confirm that you still have all of your fingers & toes before you’re knocked out again in another wave of medicinally induced sleep (that stuff takes a while to wear off!) you have these movie-like snap-shot moments that you start recalling after the medicine has fully run its course.

The first time I woke up, all I remember saying was, “I was drinking wine with my husband in Tuscany…” To which someone asked, “Have you ever been?” And I simply said “No” before falling back asleep.  The next time I woke up, however, the ABS train was in full throttle.  I became aware of this as my eyes focused on the activity the rest of my body was engaged in: Orchestrating a full-court press of just how perfect my whisky was for all of the nurses!  And what surprised me most, was that I became aware of this in the MIDDLE of writing “www.DrinkBrenne.com” on a prescription pad with a scribbled note that read, “My whisky, it’s great!”

Yup.  In my drugged out, 1/2 conscious state, I was selling my whisky to any nurse who came near me!  Ridiculous.  And people think alcohol is addictive?  Try sales.  I’m hooked!


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§ 7 Responses to ABS = Always Be Selling

  • G-LO says:

    Procedure? Anesthesia? What what what??? The fact that you are writing about this tells me that all went well. RIght?

    And as far as your non-stop salesmanship, regardless of your state of consciousness, you are positively shameless! Keep up the great work! 😉

    • Thank you for your concern! But there is not a worry – it was about as boring & routine as you can get (which I’m thankful for!). I was back on my feet the next day.

      Shameless you say? I concur – I’m always 100% unapologetically myself (which is not the same as being unapologetic, for those critics present, they’re quite different). And it is this part of my personality that has made for more than my share of embarrassing moments! I’m ALWAYS laughing my way through the day – life is just so entertaining!

      Thanks for coming by, liking the post & commenting. I always appreciate your support!

  • Josh Feldman says:

    I hope you’re mending. I loved that you find yourself selling Brenne even in semi-conscious delirium. It proves you have a clear conscience and a whole heart. Me too! I genuinely love Brenne and I’m so proud of you that you did that. You GO, girl!

  • The Wookie says:

    I think you are overlooking a three part solution to sales success for Brenna that tried to revel itself during you drug induced sales pitch.

    Step #1 — Create a unique and wonder single malt spirit (Check)

    Step #2 — Go to med school and become a doctor

    Step #3 — Prescribe Brenne for any and all ailments

    Simple as that. Prescription Whiskey! Much more sophisticated than Medical Marijuana. Only side effects I foresee is when you get the munchies from Prescription Whiskey you end up at an expensive cheese shop instead of 7Eleven.

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