Whiskey Gifts: Father’s Day edition

June 11, 2012 § 8 Comments

Ok gang, we have 1 week until it’s the day we’re to be giving thanks to our Old Man … and if you’re like me, you haven’t bought anything yet – not even the card. (Ok, perhaps you’re just saying that you haven’t “found the right thing yet” but we all know you gave it a 2 second google search and then were on to the 10 new emails that just reloaded in your inbox).  We’ve all been there… I’m not judging.

Instead, I know exactly how you feel.  But don’t worry – if you act now, you just might manage to give him the PERFECT Father’s Day gift on time … whisky style.

GIFT OPTION 1: Whisky Tasting Set from Master of Malt

Photo courtesy of Master of Malt

Chose from over 25 different specialized sets – including a “Cigar Lover’s Tasting Set” and a “Father’s Day Gift set” which can be shipped out of London in 24hrs.  Act quickly before they’re either sold out (as some are) or it’s too late! Available online at MasterOfMalt.com

GIFT OPTION 2: Personalized Whisky bottle

Photo courtesy of Master of Malt

So you wanna be a baller?  Now’s your chance.  Give your dad a bottle of whisky (chose from 16 different whiskies from a variety of producers and prices) that’s personalized JUST FOR HIM!  Now that’s one way to upstage your siblings … 😉 Available online at MasterOfMalt.com

GIFT OPTION 3: Subscription to Whisky Magazine

Give him a 1 or 2 year subscription to Whisky Magazine and let him keep up monthly with all the latest whisky news from around the world!  Available online at WhiskyMag.com.


Photo courtesy of The Neat Glass

Keep your dad up on the latest nosing glassware trends and get him a set or two of the NEAT glasses!  Available at TheNeatGlass.com .

GIFT OPTION 5: Vintage 1950’s-60’s 14k Gold Carafe

Photo courtesy of BellaLaineVintage on Etsy.com

Picture this filled with ice water sitting next to your dad’s Double Old-Fashioned glass 1/2 filled with his favorite Scotch.  The Wall Street Journal is folded in a slight mess on the floor and if you keep your eyes closed just long enough, you can almost feel the worn leather of his favorite chair and hear his favorite song being hummed in the background… and if that’s NOT your memory of him, make it his reality! At only $12 USD + shipping, you can’t afford not to! Available at BellaLaineVintage on Etsy.com (but act now because there is only 1!)

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dad’s out there!!!

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§ 8 Responses to Whiskey Gifts: Father’s Day edition

  • Jared Thomas says:

    And if your Dad’s in prison, all these gifts will be worth so much more!

  • G-LO says:

    Yo WW!

    The wife asked what I want for Father’s Day, but at the time, I had no answer. I like this list. I would go for either a tasting set from Master of Malt or the Whisky Magazine subscription.

    So whatcha getting Dear Old Papa?


    • Good choices, G-LO! I love those tasting sets but I have such a hard time making up my mind… I wish I could buy 2 of each; 1 set of each for me and 1 set of each to give away. Oh when will I win the lottery!? I would be soooo generous!

      As for my Pops, you can’t really expect me to divulge his gift here, can you? What if he were to mosey on over to this fine post of mine? 😉

      Happy Father’s day!

      • G-LO says:

        Good point! I forget that some dads aren’t as technologically challenged as my very own. In his defense, he is 87 and has NEVER really been on a computer unless I was the one navigating. You should hear me try to explain all the beer and whiskey pics on my computer and iPhone (he may suspect that I have a problem. Heh). So pointless that I don’t even mention the blog word. 🙂

        • LOL! Love it. That’s so not my family. My Grandmother is 101 and though she doesn’t use it herself, she has asked enough questions to enough family members to have constructed a pretty solid idea of how the internet and computers function and are used in society. So yea, my Dad’s all over technology 😉

          • G-LO says:

            101??? That is awesome! Her secret to a long and happy life wouldn’t happen to be whisky would it? 😉

            My dad can barely figure out how to turn on the TV and work a telephone / answering machine. To say he is old school would be an understatement!

  • I wish! … you know I am always asking her and just WAITING to hear if whisky ever makes it on the list! She’s funny though – whenever we hang out there’s usually wine around and without fail, every time we fill (or re-fill) her glass she’ll say, “If you give me anymore I’ll be singing like a canary!”

    I have to say though, a bit of “old school” isn’t so bad either… 🙂

    • G-LO says:

      She sounds like a fun woman! My wife’s great great grandmother recently passed away. She was a nut!

      Agreed… old school is perfectly acceptable, but it’s always good to keep up with the times. Much like great whisky, it’s all about balance. 🙂

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