Spring Cleaning: the moving of a 100+ bottle whiskey collection

May 29, 2012 § 16 Comments

First, I must thank everyone who during this month long blogging hiatus of mine have continued commenting, checking in, reading & reacting to posts and conversations previously initiated here.  You all inspire me daily.

Secondly, I must apologize for this month long “walk off” – I wish I could say I was busy traveling the world, exploring hidden distilleries and finding the hidden whisky gems of the world – but alas, I was smacked in the face with the reality called “life” (and no, this was not a TV show that realized just how cool I actually am and bombarded my life to film it)… no, it was nothing like that.

Instead, I moved.  And had a big birthday (which I kind of forgot to celebrate…).  And went to San Francisco.  And then to Seattle.  And placed very large orders for corks, bottles and the like for my own whisky brand that I’ll be launching in the Fall.  And then tried to build a website. And, did I mentioned I moved?  I hate the whole packing/unpacking thing.  And I will forever have immense sympathy for anyone moving into an under-construction or still-being-renovated apartment as I have just done.  The unpacking thing sucks – but it’s even worse when you are physically not allowed to do it and forced to live in chaos.

On the plus side – MOST of the whiskies have been unpacked! Only 5 boxes of bottles left 😉

Photo for The Whisky Woman (c) 2012

On the day of the move, one of my neighbors sent me this text: “Funny how all of your boxes say: Fragile-Whisky or Fragile-Wine … do you not own anything else?”

Apparently not.

Above is what’s left to unpack (eek!).  But below is what the other side of this room looks like … can we all share a spa-like “ahhhhhh” moment?

Photo exclusively for The Whisky Woman (c) 2012

It’s a work in progress but luckily as the contractor wraps up and we’re allowed to start moving into other areas of the apartment, we are whittling away at our fortress of overstuffed cardboard boxes and starting to get settled.

Preferably this will all happen in classic Mad Man style with a glass of whisky in one hand…

My apologies again for my absence, it seemed to be the perfect-storm of crazy big life changes on top of the rush-to-get-everything-done-before-summer-starts typical Spring season that was not just a ridiculous time for me but for many.  On that thought, I hope you all will join me in a little toast to ourselves this evening.

sláinte mhaith


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§ 16 Responses to Spring Cleaning: the moving of a 100+ bottle whiskey collection

  • I’ll be toasting you this evening with a rare dram, Allison. Good luck with your new digs and your new whisky venture! Very exciting news. I’ll be watching avidly (and hopefully drinking likewise in the near future). I’m now and forever a devoted reader – no pause for life will ever change that.

    • Hey Josh!
      Thanks for sticking around ;). That would be the best compliment ever! I’ll do a single malt cheers tonight to you too! Thanks for writing such nice words – I’m so touched by your support and yes, I hope you will be drinking a dram of my whisky very soon too!!! 😀 I’ll certainly keep you in the loop as we get a bit closer – I’m still pinching myself to make sure this is all really happening and not some crazy psychotic dream! Hope you have been well – we should try to meet up at a Monday night Ward III tasting one night soon!
      Many thanks,

  • G-LO says:

    Yo WW!

    Sounds like quite the whirlwind month of May! Glad to hear that the dust is starting to settle. Welcome back!


  • Chuck says:

    It’s good to be able to look forward to a few more whiskey woman posts in the near future. Having done the big move, Cali.to new Jersey somewhat recently I do not envy your experience. I dread packing my still burgeoning collection for another cross country voyage in the future, and i’m only stocking 40+ bottles at the moment. I’m wondering how you actually packed them… Any specific strategy? And welcome back, enjoy the soupy tri state weather I just escaped from. Time for a greenore rocks (my new favorite warm weather whiskey!)


    • Thanks Chuck!
      CA to NJ … that’s really not a friendly move! And now you’re going to have to do it again? (or have I inhaled too much plaster dust to have understood that correctly?)…

      Packing tips for a whisky collection – that’s a very good question! I started to write the answers for this then determined this was too big of an answer (and topic, for that matter) for this reply box and will publish a post about it tomorrow.

      Thanks for the Greenore suggestion … I’ve been wondering what to splash over my large Japanese-inspired ice ball recently…

      Thanks again!

  • Katie says:

    What epic photos! One day we will laugh over this arduous move over a whisky neat. That day is in June. But truly, congrats on your star-studded start-up and now a well-earned place to rest and play in NYC.

    • Katie!
      How wonderful to have you join the conversation here! Thank you! Congrats on getting your own blog up and running! Whisky friends – for a refreshing read (tho not whisky-related but delightful nonetheless) check out Katie’s lovely new poetry blog: http://www.thelovewornlabel.com/

      Thank you for the kind words – I look forward to toasting with you out of cyber-space and into reality one day very soon. We will celebrate your wonderful and creative accomplishments at the same time.
      Allison/WW/which ever sign off I’ve committed to at the very moment… which appears to be this rather long sentence ;P

  • Fran Thomas says:

    Great to hear what you’ve been up to WW. As someone whose whiskies are mainly stacked behind the sofa or on the kitchen table I’m impressed by the zen like calm of your collection!

    Intriuged to hear about your very own whisky brand – will you be launching it over here in the UK as well?

    Lots of luck and happiness in your new home and I’ll be raising a glass of my current fave later to wish you all the best (Yamazaki Martini – as served to the ladies at our recent tasting by the lovely Zoran Peric of Suntory)

    • Hi Fran!
      Lovely hearing from you! Thanks for the well wishes and the Yamazaki Martini toast! Care to share the recipe? Sounds delightful!

      Ah yes, the old “stacking of whiskies” in all facets of the home – I’ve definitely been guilty of that! For now, I’m going to try to keep my zen-wall-o-whisky just as you so peacefully described! We’ll see how long this lasts 😉 lol

      Thanks for your interest in my whisky! I hope to launch in the UK & EU at some point but will be keeping my focus in NYC first and then expanding to various cities and places around the US. Once we have a good home-base flow going, I’ll definitely be looking for interested markets abroad! You’ll be kept in the fold for sure 🙂

      Thanks again – always love hearing from you!

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  • Susannah SB says:

    100+ bottles? What a lovely problem to have! Empathy on the move, though I have a considerably smaller booze collection. I’ve moved I think five times in the last five years (1.5 trans-Atlantic roundtrips) and am preparing for the sixth (the other half of the current trans-Atlantic move). It’s forced me to keep ALL my belongings to a minimum, that’s for sure! But I’m devastated at having to gulp down bottles of stuff I’d rather save and enjoy over months and years.

    So you’re in NYC? Looking forward to the launch of your brand in the fall!

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