Whisky Review: Kornog – Celtic Whisky Compagnie (part 2)

March 14, 2012 § 8 Comments

In preparation for my fast-approaching trip to Europe where I’ll be attending the World Whisky Conference, the Icons of Whisky awards, Whisky Live UK and doing a few days in both Scotland and France, I thought it best to do a pre-trip detox.  Limiting myself to only the necessary sips of spirits and events that my life requires.

…But then again – I AM a whisky blogger…

I can’t totally abandon all fun drinking for a week, can I?  I say no.  So I have found myself wishing to revisit a beautiful bottle of Kornog that was gifted to me by the ever-talented head distiller, Jean Donnay, of the Celtic Whisky Compagnie.  And since I already published my post about my visit to his picturesque distillery (click HERE for Part 1), I thought today was the day to abandon my carrot+kale+celery concoction and reunite myself with my trusty Glencarin glass.  Here it goes!

Goodbye Juice-on-the-Roof

The Whisky Woman's Juice on the Roof - a silly attempt to detox

Hello Friend!

Happiness in a glass

ABOUT: 46% abv (92 proof), Peated Single Malt Whisky, twice distilled in copper pots over live flame, wooden washbacks, aged in French Oak on an earth floor where it rested in the salty-air climate of Brittany, France for at least 3 years

NOSE: Definitely classic, pure “peat” (think Sharpie marker), toasted cereal, hint of dried tropical fruit, ripe banana

PALATE: Sweet, buttery grain, smooth approach in the beginning, obvious peat appears in the middle which morphs into the black pepper that cuts through the buttered grains

FINISH: Happily strong, travels nicely through the mouth with a long, lingering finish.  Black pepper re-appears on the tip of the tongue at the very end.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The little time in the barrels makes it very light and approachable and gives space to let this whisky’s classic peat notes shine through.  If you’re new to whisky and want to find out if you like peated malts, this is a GREAT place to start.  Not many barrel notes – which is expected.  Very enjoyable.  A PERFECT whisky to drink during the transition from Winter to Spring.  The peat is there to add a little warmth while the lightness is refreshing.

Photo courtesy of Celtic Whisky Compagnie


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§ 8 Responses to Whisky Review: Kornog – Celtic Whisky Compagnie (part 2)

  • Wow, what a trip! Hope you have a great time. Bon voyage.

  • G-LO says:

    Yo WW!

    I envy your fast approaching travels. Look forward to hearing all about it!

    This Whisky sounds right up my alley. I do loves me some peat! Love the notes and the tasting journey. Well done!


    • Thanks! Appreciate the nice words!

      Like I always say, if you & the BoozeBoys ever make a trip up to NYC, we’ll have to do a little crash blog tasting jam – I have a decent stash of some really different/strange/weird/fun whiskies that I love sharing w/fellow whisky geeks!


      • G-LO says:

        Yes yes! If we’re ever up there, we’ll definitely let you know. And now that I’ve seen the Spirit-Ual Nirvana that is The Brandy Library, how can I possibly resist the lure of the Big Apple? 🙂

  • Josh Feldman says:

    Awesome review of a whisky I’ve never even heard of – from a region I associate with Norman history, 100 year war location, D-day battlefields and cemeteries – but not wine or distilled spirits.

    Hey, if you do a tasting of weird drams, let me come! You’ve already turned me on to Balcones. Reading your blog I keep learning more and more about this apparently limitless world of whisky/ey

    • Hi Josh,
      Thanks for coming over and commenting here! I’m excited to see how your blog develops and really enjoyed your article on cognac reviews.

      Thanks also for the props for introducing you to some lesser-known whiskies! That’s a huge compliment to me and something I take pride in. There is so much out there that is under appreciated but it takes time, patience & money to weed through them and find the gems.

      This particular dram is something you’d have to order from overseas but I think it’s worth it. 🙂

      As for the weird drams tasting … I may be able to make space for one more blogger 😉

      Thanks again!

  • Jeannette says:

    Great review. We managed to get our hands on a bottle a while ago. We found that it worked quite nice with some mature cheddar.


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