Campbeltown Loch 21 year old Blended Scotch Whisky

February 22, 2012 § 13 Comments

I had the most unique experience the other night that still, 2 days later has me a bit perplexed.

Sitting at the bar of an Italian restaurant around the corner from my home (Centro Vinoteca) I found myself peering quite intently at a lightly colored whisky sitting quietly between the Balvenie Double Wood and the Chivas Regal 12yr.

The view of whiskies from my seat at the bar

Can you see it? 🙂

Towards the end of the meal, I asked the bartender if I could just see the bottle.  Realizing that it had never been opened, the gentleman sitting to my right said, “Let’s open it up and have a taste!”  At which point I learned that he was one of the owners.  He kindly poured a taste for me and one for himself and then quickly drank his like a shot.  I, like the whisky geek that I am, sat there for what seemed like 30 minutes but was probably more like 5 smelling, examining and as best as I could, keeping track of the delicious experience.

Here’s what I wrote down:

ABOUT: 21 year old blended Scotch, 40% abv (80 proof), this is the house blend of the Springbank distillers in Campbeltown

NOSE: maple honey comb, hint of geranium, jasmine black tea, wet spices (clove, cinnamon)

PALATE: water, tire and sweet tobacco leaves on the front, perhaps a bit of toned-down cereal milk which lent a pleasant sweetness in the middle, toffee with grapefruit crème brûlée

FINISH: very smooth, lingering black tea, tobacco, leather and a lovely hint of peat

Coming home, I realized just how rare this bottle might be.  I found it sold out on the UK site, Master of Malt, and haven’t yet found anywhere else (IF YOU DO, please share a link in the comments section below!).   The only review I found was by the beloved Ralfy.  I’ve included his video below.  He gives a lot of history about this particular bottling.  ENJOY and let me know if you can find it!



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§ 13 Responses to Campbeltown Loch 21 year old Blended Scotch Whisky

  • G-LO says:

    Yo WW!

    Happy to hear that I’m not the only one that finds himself staring down the whisky selections at bars and restaurants. We like to play the “Had it! Had it! Had it!” game as we take inventory while seated at the bar. Sadly, that happens a lot in Philly since as I’ve mentioned before, the whisky selections around here stay pretty basic.

    I will say this though… I have perused quite a few Whisky menus online, and I am finding that there are several new spots in Philly that have truly embraced American spirits. JG Domestic, The Cooperage, Village Whisky, and Percy Street Barbecue have quite a varied selection of Bourbon and Rye whiskies. Perhaps there’s hope for us Philly Whisky lovers!

    One last thing… Ralfy rocks! Love that guy!


    • Hey G-LO!
      Thanks for the list of up & coming Philly whisky bars! Will definitely keep that information handy in case I make it down there!

      Love the “had it” game though I’m excited to say that there is still so much out there I “have not” had. Much more exploring to be had!

      Thanks again!

  • littletipple says:

    lucky you were sat next to the owner, you might never have got that chance! have you found a bottle to buy yet…?

  • Magnar says:

    You can find the Cambeltown Loch 21 yo blended on this site:

  • Magnar says:

    It’s a bit difficult getting around on the previos mentioned site, and although the information is right there is no picture of the actual bottle. The bottle including shipping will be about £60 (70€). This was the only place I managed to find the actual bottle.

    Varón (Male), Mujer (Female)
    Nombre (First name)
    Apellidos (Last name)
    Fecha de Nacimiento (Date of Birth)
    Empresa (Company)
    Dirección (Street)
    Poblacion (City)
    País (Country)
    Boletín de noticias (Catalogue)

  • luckyshot says:

    I found four bottles of this springbank completion 21yo blend! @ a liquor store
    In new York city. I spotted them a month ago on the shelves, no boxes. The worker says that a 25yo version was available some time before this one. I will
    Pick one up tomorrow, they selling for $80 bucks.

  • Petra says:

    I have three bottles on the shelf. Place your bids:-)

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