GO: This Saturday, Feb 18th 4pm-7pm NYC

February 17, 2012 § 6 Comments

Here’s a good one!  $20 = 3hrs of whiskey tastings, cocktails & Jambayala

If you’re wondering what to do this weekend – head on over to one of my all-time favorite stores: Le Du’s Wines for an awesome tasting event with a little bit of Mardi Gras goodness!

Le Du Mardi Gras Tasting Event

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18 from 4pm-7pm

600 Washington Street (between Leroy & Morton)

See you there!


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§ 6 Responses to GO: This Saturday, Feb 18th 4pm-7pm NYC

  • G-LO says:

    Whoa! That’s one hell of a list and one hell of a bargain. Friggin New Yorkers get all the good whisky.

    But Philly has better beer. Compromises. All about compromises. Hope you’re going and planning to share the experience via the interwebs!

    • I thought so too! Such a great deal!

      NYC + whisky = Philly + beer
      … After you get past the differences in primary industries, I actually think a lot of that has to do with driving. We don’t drive here so can always reach for the 40% abv + beverages … but get me to a city where I need to drive and it’s a real game changer!

      Thanks for your comment!

      • G-LO says:

        I never really thought of that. You may be on to something. Though to tell you the truth, most Craft Beer is quite potent, and don’t forget that although liquor is generally over 80% ABV, you only drink an ounce or two at a time. Twelve ounces of a 10% Russian Imperial Stout/Imperial IPA/Belgian Tripel packs quite the punch, and having more than two or three in a sitting can be quite intoxicating.

        Personally, I always thought that the Philly/NYC differences had more to do with each of the city’s demographics, and the businesses that are located there. NYC is THE financial center of the US, so that translates to lots of men/women in suits with expense accounts having lots of dinners on the company dime. Let your client have some of that $500 bottle of wine, a $50 Scotch, and a steak dinner, and score a tidy profit. Philly is more of a working class town, and I doubt that clients are wined and dined as much. Interestingly enough, with all of the corporate scrutiny because of the TARP money that was handed out a few years ago, wining and dining in NYC took a hit, and the fancy joints in NYC were hurting quite a bit. Apparently, the tide has turned and the spending is on the upswing, so all is right with the world once more!

        • I think we just found some inspiration for a new blog post!!! lol. From what I can tell, spending in nice restaurants in NYC is definitely on the up & up and has been for some time… but that is also because no one entertains in their homes here – our apartments are all (for the most part) too small. Bars/restaurants become our living rooms so you HAVE to go out or else you’ll never see anyone … which I’m sure sounds funny coming from someone living on an island with 8 million other people. 🙂


          • G-LO says:

            Actually it doesn’t sound funny at all. With 8 million people around, it’s easy for someone to just blend into the woodwork. I mean, you can’t talk to EVERYONE, so you have to set limits. And if you have the wrong personality, then the big city can become quite the lonely place if you’re not the type to mix and mingle a bit. Personally, I love cities and all of the energy and variety they provide. You’re a lucky Whisky Woman! 🙂

  • G-LO, you are absolutely RIGHT! Mixing & mingling is necessary in a city and the vast array of people and personalities is simply exciting.


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