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Right now there is a pending threat of evacuating downtown Manhattan because of hurricane Irene … yet while everyone else is taking stock of their batteries, bottled water and non-perishable food supplies, I find myself taking stock of a different kind: my current whisky collection (& how could I possible bear to leave it if it comes to that!?).

This brings up a topic that has always amused me, even before I became a whisky drinker (WD): How many bottles of open whisky does any one WD have in their collection at any given time?  I believe whisky drinkers are unique in this way because it’s perfectly acceptable to have multiple bottles open at any one time.  (Actually, serious rum/rhum/ron drinkers are this way too – but for the sake of this article, I’m sticking with whisky).

Just now, your’s truly has 18 750ml bottles opened and, just for bragging rights, 5 750ml bottles & about 25 200ml bottles unopened.  Personally, I’m proud of these numbers because I fit them (and have them looking nice) in under 400 square feet of living space (oh how I love thee, West Village! pic below).

I am, however, well aware of the fact that I can’t compete with many of you out there!  There are some serious collections worthy of acknowledgement!

My “tiny” collection can’t even play in the same game as a friend of mine in Tokyo (a place also known for small living spaces).   He has so many bottles of whisky that he actually bought the apartment next door to his “living apartment” JUST FOR HIS WHISKEY COLLECTION!  Can you say Rock Star or Serious Man Cave!?!  Last we spoke about this, he had about 2,000 bottles in this Den of Liquid Love.  Ha!

I’m curious to know if you or anyone you know has an impressive collection (whisky, rum or otherwise) and if there is a bottle that, should it come to an evacuation, you wouldn’t be leaving behind.  Please share!

(To be totally honest, I don’t know if I can answer that last part myself!!!)

Some of my ever-growing whisky collection


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  • G-LO says:

    Yo WW!

    On my own I have about 10 bottles going. A mix of Scottish and American. But when we join forces, we probably have at least 25 to 35 different whiskies going at a time (some Irish and Japanese get added to the mix). Limpd has the lion’s share. Lucky for us that he’s a bit of a hoarder. And a generous one at that!

    Good luck with the storm! Hope you and the Whisk(e)y stay dry and safe.


  • A generous hoarder??? and of whisky, no less? Limpd must be one great friend!

    Thanks for the comment! Luckily, NYC and my whiskies survived the storm. Thankfully, seems like everywhere else that got hit is getting back on track too.

    Phew! 🙂

    • G-LO says:

      Glad to hear that you and your whisky bounty are safe and intact in NYC!

      As far as Limpd’s generosity, I think we share a similar philosophy, i.e. what’s the point of having a fantastic whisky collection if you’re not willing to share it. Good company makes the beer/whisky/wine/food taste so much better. The only downside… I tend to eat and drink more when I have good company. Guess I better join a gym. Heh

      • I totally agree … on all fronts. Maybe there should be an exercise class or method called “The Whisky Workout” – it could target both hangovers (think calm stretching in low light) and hanging-on belly fat (crazy cardio crunches). hahaha, I’d take it!

  • All great whisky collections start with just a few bottles ! Like you a great number of my collection are in the “open” condition ha ha

    As for the prized bottle that would accompany me in the event of an evacuation it would have to be the following ( I am assuming your being mean and only letting me take one bottle to safety ! )

    Signatory Caperdonich 1970 vintage 38 year old Single Malt.

    Caperdonich 1970 details
    Country(Scotch Whisky)
    Age(38 year old whisky)
    Distillation Date(1970)
    Style(Single Malt Whisky)
    Bottling Date(2008)
    Natural Strength Cask?(Yes)

    • Hi Hint of Garlic!
      Thanks for commenting. That’s quite a special bottle – and very limited in quantity! If this is how your collection starts, I think it might be very unfair to be limited to just 1 bottle. 😉 I am, however, a bit curious (ok, and jealous! lol) … being that it’s bottled at 70cl, do you live in Europe or might this have been picked up during travels?

  • Hi WW

    I sense your on the verge of relaxing your strict 1 bottle rule for me 🙂 Well spotted on the 70cl and to answer your question yes i live in the UK, a little north of London. Oh and as i see you’ve now popped along to my blog hopefully this makes up for my bottle of JB Red Stag lol ( Id leave that to the mercy of the storm anytime )

    • Haha! You got me! Yes, as long as the JB Red Stag stays behind, I may allow you more then 1 bottle in this Save-Yourself-Save-Your-Whiskies scenerio 😉 Since my suspicions were correct and you live in the UK (aka, have access to a lot more interesting, unique and rare whiskies than what we can get our hands on here in the US), have you expanded your whisky tasting adventures to bottles/distilleries producing product outside of Scotland, Ireland, and the US?

      • G-LO says:

        Sorry to barge in. Just a quick comment about Nikka…

        I was listening to this month’s WhiskyCast Virtual Tastings (really well done by the way) and they had a guy from Le Maison du Whisky (sp?) talking about bringing Nikka to the US. If all goes well, we may have Nikka in the US by January of 2012. How awesome is that? 🙂

        • Let’s get one thing straight … there’s no such thing as “barging in”. Ever. So glad you came back to post & share!!

          Thanks for pointing us in the WhiskyCast Virtual Tasting direction – I try to keep up and listen regularly. I agree, he is doing a great job.

          Such exciting news about Nikka. Last I heard from La Maison du Whisky about it was back in the Spring… I knew it was on the horizon but just didn’t know when. 2012 is looking good! Thanks for the tip, G-LO!

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