New “Whisky Only” Shop in Brooklyn: The Whiskey Shop!

July 20, 2011 § 7 Comments

Hello Whisky Lovers!

Apologies for my month away – I was traveling in France (I know, you all feel terrible for me!… and I thank you) tasting some UNBELIEVABLE whiskies which I will be blogging about over then next few days/weeks.  I have to admit, I thought I would miss my computer and find times to logon and touch base with reality, however, once I was there I realized that I certainly couldn’t be sitting behind it! Especially not when there were so many Japanese (and Australian and French) whiskies to try and fresh baguette on every corner!  But alas, I am back and excited to bring you this fun announcement!

Published first on – check out their review of the very new Whiskey Shop (below or click HERE).


Whiskey Brooklyn Team Opens the Whiskey Shop

7/15/11 at 4:10 PM

Ninety-nine bottles of whiskey line the walls.

Ninety-nine bottles of whiskey line the walls.

Because “there are not enough nice liquor stores, especially in Brooklyn,” the team behind Whiskey BrooklynWhiskey Tavern, and Whiskey Town has opened a pint-size liquor store to further “spread the brown gospel” says partner John Wiseman. The retail space, located next to the entrance to Whiskey Brooklyn, might be the country’s first whiskey-only storefront. Its tiny dimensions (288 square feet) mean it’s floor-to-ceiling brown spirits, a rotating collection of 99 bottles with an emphasis on domestic and local labels. Whiskey nerds will like the two varieties of Suntory Yamazaki, while neophytes might prefer the easy-drinking, specially brewed Tom Lawless house whiskey. And, “for those rare times when whiskey isn’t enough,” says Wiseman, there’s a curated lineup of one vodka, one gin, one rum, one tequila, and one bottle each of red, white, and sparkling wines. See the full roster of spirits here.

The Whiskey Shop, 44 Berry St., nr. N. 11th St., Williamsburg; 718-384-7467


Now that I’m back – I know where my next local-excursion is going to be!  Whiskey Shop, here I come!!!


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§ 7 Responses to New “Whisky Only” Shop in Brooklyn: The Whiskey Shop!

  • G-LO says:

    Yo WW!

    Sounds like a cool little store. I like their selections and I particularly like that they also stock some bitters and mixers. We have plenty of liquor stores in South Jersey, but to be honest, the vast majority all sell the same stuff. I went to three nearby stores last night in search of Rhum Agricole for a blog post I’m planning, but all they carried was Bacardi, Captain Morgan, and any other standard issue stuff. Irritated the hell out of me! The search continues this afternoon. Wish me luck.

    Can’t wait to hear about your whisky adventures in France. And speaking of Japanese whisky, I scored a generous sample of Nikka From the Barrel this past weekend. Can’t wait to try it!


    • OMG! Nikka From the Barrel was my favorite! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts… definitely only drink it from a Glencarin (or similar) glass and you have to tell me what you think! I almost fell over when I had it. It was love at first sip.
      …How did you get such a generous sample? (I’m curious for my own stocking purposes!)

      Re: rhum agricole – I stated doing some research on that recently too (for a client, not a post). Good luck on your search! Here’s a quick link of Astor’s rhums, maybe it can help? In the mean time, I’ll wait patiently for your post. 🙂

      • G-LO says:

        I am dying to try the Nikka! It smells wonderful. Just waiting for one of my co-bloggers to get back from vacation to break it out. I can’t say who gave me the Nikka just yet. I was invited to take part in something whisky related this past Saturday, but was asked to keep it on the DL for a bit. All I can say is that I have never seen so many whiskies in someone’s home.

        I finally picked up a bottle of Barbancourt (sp?) White Haitian rum this afternoon. Stay tuned for the post!

    • Oh man, I am so excited for you! Sounds like a perfect weekend… I am definitely staying tuned!

  • […] half of the night with my good friend (and fellow whisky geek) Jonathan Wingo of Brooklyn’s Whiskey Shop and together having a beautiful moment with Jonathan Luks of Mackmyra who shared with us a taste of […]

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