Easy hostess gift: Whiskey+Book: The World Atlas of Whisky, by Dave Broom

July 27, 2011 § 7 Comments

I think about writing this post every other day so I figured I should just sit down and get it out of my head! ūüôā

One of my all-time favorite Whisky books is Dave Broom’s The World Atlas of Whisky. It is beautifully laid out and the photos are as stunning as the content is delicious (truly!). The information is clear, concise, entertaining and really makes you thirsty for you know what! Dave Broom did a fantastic job in creating something that is both educational and enjoyable.

Book by Dave Broom

Click on the photo to be taken to the Barnes&Nobel site

This is the kind of book I think everyone (whisky lover or not) should have in their home. ¬†It’s a perfect coffee table book and is great for the novice or connoisseur of the spirit.

Do you have the pleasure of visiting a friend’s summer home this August? ¬†Why not give a copy as a hostess gift? ¬†…And if the weekend calls for a little something extra (as I think all weekends should!), bring a bottle of your favorite whisky to go along with it!


Paris: La Maison du Whisky (part 1)

July 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

Need I say more?!?

This is the mecca of all things great.¬† It’s where Parisians and Whisk(e)y come together under one (ok, 2) roofs.¬† La Maison du Whisky (LMDW) is legendary.¬† They have one of the best collections of whiskies from all around the world, including a back room with extremely rare and few-of-a-kind bottles at their store on 20 rue d’Anjou.¬† If you’re in Paris, you must plan to spend time in both of their stores.

La Maison du Whisky (original shop)

The original La Maison du Whisky boutique is situated in the 8th arrondissment at 20 Rue d’Anjou.¬† Located in one of the chicest neighborhoods in Paris, this sexy shop is on the ground floor and so beautifully designed you’re going to want to move in (and that’s not just the whisky talking!).¬† It’s elegant and soft minimalistic design in grays and browns are the perfect backdrop for showcasing their collection.¬†¬† Further more, I can’t help but mention the wonderful people who work there.¬† They were happy to answer any question and help in any way (and most speak English fluently).

*A bit of a warning, what we thought would be an easy find turned into a bit of a “tourist in headlights” moment. ¬† It is Paris, after all, and all of the street curve, turn, end and turn into something else, or don’t intersect where you think they might.¬† Long story short, bring a detailed map.

LMDW Fine Spirits (2nd shop)

Their second store in Paris, appropriately names LMDW Fine Spirits, is located in the √ľber cool 6th arr. in the neighborhood of Od√©on.¬† Located at 6 Carrefour de l’Od√©on, this recently opened 3 story beauty is well worth the visit.¬† Very different from it’s sister store, LMDW features a wide variety of all spirits, not just whiskies.¬† The main floor features a large, rotating themed collection that is framed perfectly in their massive windows (during my visit, it happened to be Whiskies of the World – woohoo!).¬† The basement level is where the buyers really flex their muscles and stock some of the coolest and most unique spirits I’ve ever seen.¬† The 2nd floor, however, is where the magic happens.¬† This level is set up like a bar (in fact, I was ready to pull up a stool!).¬† It’s part concept store and part functioning bar, used only for tastings and special events.¬† Otherwise, as was described to me by their manager, it’s the best setting to get yourself in the mood to purchase their beautiful edited selection of bar accoutrements!¬† Cocktail shakers, anyone?¬† (You may not need one but in that setting, you certainly believe that theirs has magical powers to turn you into the best at-home bar tender the world has ever seen!)

By the way, if you’re in Singapore … I here the LMDW store there is pretty amazing too!

LINKS to their e-commerce sites: La Maison du Whisky and LMDW Fine Spirits

New “Whisky Only” Shop in Brooklyn: The Whiskey Shop!

July 20, 2011 § 7 Comments

Hello Whisky Lovers!

Apologies for my month away – I was traveling in France (I know, you all feel terrible for me!… and I thank you) tasting some¬†UNBELIEVABLE¬†whiskies which I will be blogging about over then next few days/weeks. ¬†I have to admit, I thought I would miss my computer and find times to logon and touch base with reality, however, once I was there I realized that I certainly couldn’t be sitting behind it! Especially not when there were so many Japanese (and¬†Australian¬†and French) whiskies to try and fresh baguette on every corner! ¬†But alas, I am back and excited to bring you this fun announcement!

Published first on GrubStreet.com – check out their review of the very new Whiskey Shop (below or click HERE).


Whiskey Brooklyn Team Opens the Whiskey Shop

7/15/11 at 4:10 PM

Ninety-nine bottles of whiskey line the walls.

Ninety-nine bottles of whiskey line the walls.

Because “there are not enough nice liquor stores, especially in Brooklyn,” the team behind¬†Whiskey Brooklyn,¬†Whiskey Tavern, and¬†Whiskey Town¬†has opened a pint-size liquor store to further “spread the brown gospel” says partner John Wiseman. The retail space, located next to the entrance to Whiskey Brooklyn, might be the country’s first whiskey-only storefront. Its tiny dimensions (288 square feet) mean it’s floor-to-ceiling brown spirits, a rotating collection of 99 bottles with an emphasis on domestic and local labels. Whiskey nerds will like the two varieties of Suntory Yamazaki, while neophytes might prefer the easy-drinking, specially brewed Tom Lawless house whiskey. And, “for those rare times when whiskey isn‚Äôt enough,” says Wiseman, there’s a curated lineup of one vodka, one gin, one rum, one tequila, and one bottle each of red, white, and sparkling wines. See the full roster of spirits¬†here.

The Whiskey Shop, 44 Berry St., nr. N. 11th St., Williamsburg; 718-384-7467


Now that I’m back – I know where my next local-excursion is going to be! ¬†Whiskey Shop, here I come!!!

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