Demystify Whisky with Ethan Kelly: 5 quick tips

June 22, 2011 § 5 Comments

Ethan Kelly (Spirits Sommelier @ Brandy Library) is clearly a very smart man (why, you ask?…) Because we totally agree on how best to approach whisky!   See for yourselves…

PS – click HERE if you missed my earlier post/review on the Brandy Library


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§ 5 Responses to Demystify Whisky with Ethan Kelly: 5 quick tips

  • G-LO says:

    Yo WhiskyWoman!

    Damn good advice. The Brandy Library looks like my kind of place. It’s on my “places to visit” list for NYC. Didn’t get a chance to get there this past spring. Maybe next time. FYI… I did make it to Keen’s and St. Andrews. Fabulous whisky selections! Have you been?


    • Hey G-LO!
      I think you’d definitely love it. I haven’t been to Keen’s or St. Andrews … don’t typically go out in mid-town but if you were impressed with their whiskey menus (which make sense as a ton of business men dine there) I will certainly check them both out! Thanks for the tip! Btw, if you’re ever here on a Monday night, check out Ward III (around the corner from Brandy Library). A lot of the whisky brand ambassadors hang out there and it turns into a pretty cool “insider’s only” type of atmosphere. (And if you’re really lucky – there might be some interesting that-night-only features)!

      • G-LO says:

        Yo WW!

        Actually, I very very rarely travel for business (2 trips in 18 years), so Keen’s and St. Andrews were on my dime. Was up in NYC for an anniversary weekend with the wife (shameless plug alert… read all about it on our blog! 🙂 ) . We stayed at The Royalton and were therefore in walking distance to Keen’s and St. Andrews. Also walking distance to Park Avenue Liquors (most impressive whisky selections!). I’ve heard about Ward III (either via Kara Newman’s blog or a Jason Wilson article/Boozehound book. Can’t remember.). Ward III sounds wonderful!

        • Yes, definitely read G-LO’s blog (! NYC on your dime w/the wife… that’s a very nice anniversary present. Next time you’re up here (what, another… 10 years or so?) I’d be happy to help w/rec’s if you need them. And you’re so right about Park Ave Liquors – their selection of Scotch alone is amazing!

      • G-LO says:

        Actually, that was our second anniversary trip in a row to NYC, so hopefully our next trip will be much less than 10 years away. I’ll definitely hit you up for recommendations!

        What I really want to do is attend Whisky Live NYC next Spring. I tried to go this past Spring, but of course work got in the way. That looks like an AWESOME event. Have you been to the SMSWA Extravaganza events? They’re good fun and on a much smaller scale than the Whisky Live or Malt Advocate events.

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