Demystify Whisky with Ethan Kelly: 5 quick tips

June 22, 2011 § 5 Comments

Ethan Kelly (Spirits Sommelier @ Brandy Library) is clearly a very smart man (why, you ask?…) Because we totally agree on how best to approach whisky!   See for yourselves…

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Kings County BOURBON Just Released (& in time for Father’s Day)!

June 16, 2011 § 3 Comments

Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn just released their Bourbon this week … perfectly timed for your last minute Father’s Day gift shopping.

In fact – why not make a day of it!?  They are only open to the public for tours & tasting 1 day each month and THIS FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND happens to be that time again!  Saturday, June 18th, from 1:00 to 6:00pm at 35 Meadow Street take your dad or go yourself and pick up a bottle of this special Bourbon.  (If you can’t make it – click HERE for their list of retailers)

Want a great itinerary?  Check out my earlier post: Kings County Distillery

Happy Father’s Day!


Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Whiskey Disks

June 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

Ready. Set. Shop.

Father’s Day is less then 1 week away and The Whisky Woman has you covered!

Hammerstone’s Whiskey Disks are the perfect gift for all of our dads.  The gadget guy, the golfer, the techie, the car obsessed, the art collector, the thrill seeker, the gardener, the fisherman, I could keep going but you get the idea.   Let’s face it, after spending a long day at work or a out doing <insert your dad’s favorite hobby here> they are all sitting down to a glass of whiskey at the end of it.

Benefits of these great soapstone “chillers”

  • These “chillers” won’t cool your drink the way ice does (but who wants their whiskey that cold?). Instead, it slightly chills your beverage just enough to take the edge off and make whiskey perfect for those warm summer nights (and days).
  • Non-absorbent & tasteless
  • Soft – these will absolutely not scratch your glassware
  • Heavy  – keeps them grounded at the bottom of the glass – not sliding towards your teeth or nose
  • Environmentally friendly!  You can reuse them time and time again!
  • Easy to clean, store & chill (2hrs in the freezer)
  • Learn more about the soapstone used for Whiskey Disks HERE

Whiskey Disks vs. other soapstone products

  • 1 disk per glass means you don’t have lots of the little square cubes tumbling towards your face as you near the end of your drink
  • The disks give you visibility of your beverage unlike the soapstone cups
  • They are really fun to swirl around and around – the weight and smooth edges makes the disks quickly pick-up momentum causing lots of centrifugal force!

Gift Option 1 | 4 Disks, 1 Pouch, $24.99 (+ship/tax)

Gift Option 2 | 4 Disks, 1 Pouch & 2 Crystal Tumblers $54.99 (+ship/tax)

Great Whisky/Whiskey Shops in NYC

June 11, 2011 § 9 Comments

I was asked on Twitter the other day what stores in NYC have the best whisky collections.

I wish I could have shared a more “secret” shop; a cool, hidden, underground, off the radar type of store that you only know about through word of mouth and need a secret code to get in …. however … I have yet to find that one (or maybe that’s where the small door around the corner leads to!).

Here is the truth of the matter: if it is sold in NYC chances are the sales rep’s first stop is Astor Place Wines & Spirits.  As an Astor employee told me the other day: “if it’s out there – it’s on our shelves”  In addition to a multiple whisky-dedicated floor-to-celling shelves, they also have a few free standing locked cases with some very expensive, high-end and rare whiskies.  They also have a great ecommerce site and can ship to lots of states (bonus!)

The second place to try is Drink Up New York.  Located in Brooklyn, I have yet to venture out to their brick & mortar shop but have purchased from them online.

Another – and most “secretive” of the bunch – is Le Du Wines.  Not only is it a fabulous wine store (#1 by Zagats 2011) but I know that Jean-Luc Le Du is personally on the hunt for some rare, less seen whiskies.  He will be beefing up his true craft bourbon & rye stock to launch early Fall.  I am going crazy with excitement to see what he brings in and how he improves on his ever-impressive and evolving inventory.  Visit the store in person any Saturday from 4-7 to stumble upon an awesome (& typically free!) wine tasting event.  And it usually is an event.

Of course – the other mecca for fantastic, amazing & a truly complete Whisky/Whiskey selections is Park Avenue Liquor Shop!

Is there a shop in your neighborhood that stocks your favorite rare whiskies? Share below!

Great Groupon Deal Today: Whiskey Tasting & a Cigar!

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

There’s a fun deal on Groupon today and for those of you who don’t receive their daily emails – this one might just convince you to sign up!

$25 buys you a Tour of Scotland whiskey-tasting flight at Beekman Bar and Books and an after-drinks cigar at Max’s Tobacco Shop (located in the back of Beekman Bar & Books) … a $52 value.

Not bad for a Tuesday.  Things are looking up!

Click on the photo to be taken to the Groupon deal!

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